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What is R3-Life’s Growth Hormone Releaser Program (GHRP)?
It’s an Anti Ageing Supplements growth hormone releaser. A number of pharmaceutical grade amino acids are carefully blended together under strictly controlled temperature and humidity conditions with the addition of other components which aid the body in improving its condition from the inside out. Each of the amino acids in the GHRP are clinically proven secretagogues and together they have a synergistic effect to create a far more effective secretagogue.

What is a secretagogue?
A substance that stimulates secretion and in this case the secretion of Human Growth Hormone from the anterior pituitary gland.

How does the program work?
The synergistic effect of the amino acids stimulate the somatroph cells to release stored growth hormone. The GH then stimulates the liver to release IGF-1. Amino acids are found in the food we eat but there is much literature that supports the fact that the amount of amino acids available in our food today is less than it used to be. Adding to this is that the bodys fuction of extracting these amino acids declines with age. This could be added reason that GH also declines with age and this is where the GHRP attempts to restore this balance.

What’s IGF-1?
It stands for Insulin-like Growth Factor 1. We use this as a measure of the effectivity of the GHRP because it is a time consuming exercise to measure the fluctuating levels of GH but we know the liver converts it to IGF-1. IGF-1 is simply measured by having a somatomedin C blood test and this test will give us an indication of the average GH levels within the body.

You mentioned “balance”, what balance are you referring to?
The balance of GH and insulin seems to be critical. Insulin is an essential hormone required for the metabolism of sugar and, to a much lesser extent than GH, it stimulates muscle growth. Problem is that with less GH around, insulin is free to turn every calorie that is not used immediately into FAT for later use. We need both GH and insulin but it’s the balance between them that causes a problem! By attempting to bring GH back to youthful levels we potentially restore the balance between them so that they can work together to stimulate protein synthesis and muscle mass growth and therefore assist in increasing the body’s metabolism

How is the GHRP made?
It’s made in a facility that complies well above GMP. This ensures full traceability of each and every batch ie we can tell you any detail regarding the blending procedure, temperature and relative humidity, procurement sources (including their certificate’s of analysis and batch numbers of each component), name of blender, date, etc. We take the quality and integrity of our product very seriously.

Why is it in a powder form and not a tablet or capsule?
To fit one dose of the GHRP powder into capsule form would mean taking 30 x 500mg capsules at a time. A tablet would also be way too big or once again too many per optimum dose.

How long will it take to notice a difference?
Due to the fact that we are all genetically different and all age differently we can’t give an exact timeline of expected results. However, the first thing that most people notice is an increase in energy levels, being more alert / awake and a sense of wellbeing. This normally happens within the first month for most.
It takes about a month to increase GH to beneficial levels and after this time one starts to experience weight loss even without dieting.

There are millions of cells dying and growing in our bodies every minute of the day. So the longer you can keep your GH at youthful levels and the longer you can expose your cells to this higher level of GH released by the effect of the Growth Hormone Releaser Program (this promotes a better quality growth of the cells), the more you will experience, enjoy and see the results of the age-reversing benefits of human growth hormone. It’s for this reason most people experience the most age reversing results and benefits after 2 to 3 cycles. If you just want to give the GHRP a try you need to be on this program for at least one cycle to see if it is going to work for you.

How long is a cycle?
We recommend that one “cycles” the intake of the GHRP by taking it before bed for 5 days a week for 3 months. Then take a one month break and continue for three months. So simply put: 5 days a week for 3 months on and 1 month off is one cycle. For this reason the GHRP can be purchased in a discounted “cycle pack” for your convenience (only available on-line).

Why do you cycle?
This give the body a chance to “do its own thing” and regulate the hormone levels itself. We don’t want the pituitary gland to become accustom to external stimulation and the cycling of the product potentially minimises this from happening.

Is there an age limit or anyone who should not take the product?
Yes, pregnant woman or mothers who are breast feeding should not take the product as well as people under the age of 21 years old unless recommended by a doctor. Bear in mind that the idea of the program is to get the body to respond as it did 10 to 20 years previously. So if you’re in your 20’s the age reversing benefits will be minimal but it will provide you with preventative degenerative aging effects.

Are there any negative side effects when taken as recommended?
No, because the release of GH is derived from the body’s own natural resource, the level of GH release cannot exceed normal youthful levels of an individual and therefore significant side effects have not been reported and are not expected as could potentially be the case with GH injections. The only effect (not side effect) experienced is a slight tingling of the upper body for about 10 minutes in some subjects tested. This is a harmless effect and is cause by the vascular dilation of the capillaries. It’s also a good indication that the product is being absorbed into the blood stream and this vascular dilation assists in the mobilisation of toxins built up in the blood system. However, this tingling effect diminishes with time as your body becomes accustomed to the effects of the GHRP.

If R3-Life is an anti-aging product, why do so many athletes use it?
Anti-aging is largely about improving the quality and speed at which cells regrow. With this understanding, one will realise that this is exactly what a body builder would want to achieve with his muscles – fast, quality growth of the cells within the muscle. What we have been able to witness is that athletes using R3-Life are able to recover faster and are able to return to training quicker than they were able to without R3-Life. From an anti-aging point of view, we can expect that our skin cells, to use an example, will grow faster and better. Bare in mind – skin cells are replaced every six months along with many other cells in the body!

Do I need to exercise?
It is always a good idea to exercise and one would be amiss if it were not recommended however, the idea behind the GHRP is that you can, if you choose, continue your lifestyle as you always have and can still achieve positive results including weight lose. Those who choose to exercise or those who already do, should notice an accelerated result from the efforts of exercise. This in itself will give you the necessary motivation to continue with your training program.

Do you recommend any particular type of exercise?
There are many arguments supporting aerobic training over weight training and vice versa. I do however believe that weight training is a better option for many reasons, two being
1. It is uncomfortable for a really overweight person to jump around an aerobic class or run on a treadmill, not to mention the undesired stress being placed on their joints and
2. Weight training increases muscles and an increase in muscle leads to an increase in metabolism and thereby an increase in fat burning.
This is where the GH is great as it helps increase lean muscle mass and decrease fat resulting in a lower body fat percentage.

You talk about “Body Fat Percentage” but what about your BMI that everyone else talks about?
BMI (Body Mass Index) is a simple measure of your weight and height while taking your age into consideration. I believe that monitoring your body fat (BF) percentage is almost more important. My reason is that if you take a body, builder as an extreme example, their BMI will be represented by an undesirably high figure but their BF% would be very low. So in this case a BMI measurement is not a true indication of their physical status. Another example: Two people both of 1.68m but “A” weights 72kg (acceptable BMI) with a BF of 28% (20.1kg fat) and “B” weights 78kg (BMI too high) with a BF of 18% (14.1kg fat). Baring in mind that fat takes up about three times more space than muscle, B will look a lot better and healthier than A.
So how long is it recommended that the product be taken?

In the same way as the majority of people put cream onto the external surfaces of their bodies on a daily basis to help maintain a youthful appearance we recommend that people stay on the program in order to help maintain the internal wellbeing of their bodies. It is a fact of life that we will age and eventually die but the GHRP attempts to keep the quality of the living part of our life for as long as possible.

When should I start taking the GHRP?
In your 20’s the body’s release of GH starts decreasing so by taking the GHRP from your mid to late 20’s would be advisable. This would offer you the preventative age degenerative advantage after all, it’s easier to prevent the wrinkle than removing it hence the reason we apply creams to ourselves on a daily basis. People of 30 and older will most certainly benefit greatly by starting the GHRP as soon as possible.